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Advanced Realty Concepts, Inc.

8  Reviews

(719) 596-2121
3520 Galley Rd Ste 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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Advanced Realty Concepts is a Colorado Springs based company specializing in providing quality service to buyers and sellers of residential properties in the Colorado Springs area. We are a full service Property Management company that can handle all of your rental needs. We also offer free management proposals! So, please call today for a consultation on how we can make you money! And of course, we have a variety of rentals for you to choose from. Put our experience to work for you. We can help you find your Ideal home. Search our listings to find exactly what your looking for. Things to keep in mind: We are not an escrow state; in other words, we don't utilize escrow companies, and therefore, there are no escrow fees as such. We typically do not involve attorneys in our property transactions, even though you are always advised to seek legal council. Because much of the responsibility of putting the transaction together falls on the real estate companies, it is important that you choose a firm with well trained agents that have the experience to advise you properly. Your agent is also backed by non-competing brokers and managers whose sole function is to make your transaction as smooth as possible with no surprises.

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(719) 596-2121
(719) 574-5000
(719) 574-2361


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Talk about horrible people. They didn't want to show us the property we were interested in and wanted us to sign a paper that said we would accept the property "as is." They bullied us into applying for the house, saying others were applying and then got angry at us for not putting in notice on our current lease. Well, we weren't going to leave unless we got a new place. Talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. If you want customer service, this is not the place for you. I'm not sure how people like this stay in business. Stay away!







Take the advice of the experienced. STAY AWAY! The first time we saw the house, it looked good. And the house itself WAS good. But we could not get out fast enough. Upon move in, we found a filthy house (pieces of food still stuck to the wall, items still in the medicine cabinet, layers of dust and dirt on everything) and about a foot of dried paint on the carpet along every single wall, and drips and footprints across the middle of the floor. Turns out the painters didn’t cover the floor. We were told they were negotiating to get it fixed for us. When we inquired again, they said the owners were not going to replace it. The property manager didn’t come to our appointed meeting, but left an envelope on the step instead… so glad I left work early that day to meet her. They do not allow the maintenance company to come after hours – and the maintenance company won’t come unless someone is home. This means you can only get things fixed if you are willing to take time off of work. The secretaries are rude and make jabs at your character. We decided to move out as soon as possible when our lease was up. Ready to be done with their shady maneuvers. We should not have been shocked to receive our security deposit with quite a substantial amount removed even though the house had been much improved from the state it was in when we moved in. Disagreements can only be made in writing, so we sent it in. It took over 2 months and MANY unreturned and avoided phone calls for anything to happen. The secretary even told me that it’s hard to get work done when people keep calling and interrupting their work! In the end, we were still not satisfied with the solution, but were more interested in never dealing with them again. Just don’t do it. OR document every single detail so that there is absolutely no way for them to cheat you. But even then. Have your ibuprofen handy. They will give you a migraine.

the truthhh

This company might be good for the person who owns the house but is really really bad for the person renting the house. These people seem to answer the phone with a frown and seem to make everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING difficult. From the bad additudes to the horrible communication, and work orders...ha! like that will ever get done. Slackers. The office is full of rude women. I've never had a pleasent expierence with them, not once. It feels I'm annoying them when I call, like i'm asking them to do thier job, and I get a really bad additude back. I'm paying these people and they have the worst additudes of anyone I've ever seen in a company. I'd say out of all the rental companies i have ever rented from (i'm 37) this one is by farrrrrr the worse.

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(719) 201-9472

4760 Squirreltail Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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(719) 633-5780

1715 Monterey Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

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(719) 635-5053

425 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909